Are the Clarity 102 Plus Airlinks Monster Earbuds good?

Monster clarity 102 plus airlinks case and earbuds

Disclosure: This post is meant to give an overview and review of the Clarity 102 Plus Airlinks Monster earbuds and is NOT a sponsored post. Additionally, this post contains Amazon affiliate links. Because I am using affiliate links, some of the expenses and time for keeping my blog running is possible! 

Monster clarity 102 plus airlinks packaging

At a glance

I needed some new earbuds because the last one I had was terrible at keeping charge. The Monster Clarity 102 Plus Airlinks earbuds came up on Amazon with a nice discount which was within my budget. Ultimately, I bought these due to the sleek matte design and very good claims.

Well, what are the claims? Here is what Monster is promising for these sleek earbuds

  • Excellent sound quality in your ears
  • Charging case lasts up to 30-32 hours
  • Earbuds charged in the charging case for 5 minutes can last up to 1 hour of play
  • Sweat-proof and splash-proof
  • Noise cancelling mic
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for fast and stable connection
  • Comfortable wear

Since these Monster earbuds ticked off all of the boxes for what I consider are good earbuds, I bought them and gave them a go!

More information can be found on the manufacturer’s site.

What is included in the box?

  • 1 pair of Monster Clarity 102 Plus Airlinks earbuds
  • 1 Monster Clarity 102 Plus Airlinks earbud charging case
  • 3 pairs of earbud ear tips in 3 sizes in small, medium and large
  • 1 USB-C cable (for charging only)
  • 1 user manual/quick start guide

What is not included in the box?

  • Wireless charging puck/pad

Understandably, for the price point, the charging puck/pad was not included. Likewise, a wall adapter was not provided in the box. Adding something to help you charge your Monster earbuds (other than just the charging wire) would be pretty helpful.

Monster clarity 102 plus airlinks case and earbuds

How does the Monster Clarity 102 Plus Airlinks earbuds feel and look like?

The earbuds comes with a charging case that is round. Uniquely, to open the case, you have to either rotate the cap to either the left or right (it can rotate a full 360 degrees). Unfortunately, the rotation mechanism is not the smoothest but it is not the worst.

Despite lacking in smooth case-opening-mechanism, the earbuds themselves are extremely soft, smooth and does not tire out your ears after prolong usage.

Because the magnets in the charging case and earbuds, the earbuds fits perfectly into the case and does not fall out.

Lastly, the controls on the earbuds are a push button on each ear piece.

How long does the battery last?

These Monster earbuds exceeds my expectations on how long the battery lasts. While they are cheaper than competing brands, they last a lot longer than them. I used them on long 8 to 10-hour drives and I do not need to recharge them until the end of the day. Additionally, charging the case took no longer than a couple of hours and if I forgot to charge the case, my earbuds still had juice in them.

What is the sound quality on like with the Monster earbuds?

Because these earbuds are the soft-tipped type, they do a very good job at blocking environmental noises. The moment the earbuds are in your ears, you can barely hear background noises. While music, movies, podcasts or whatever else is playing at the lowest setting, you can barely hear external noises. At a higher volume setting, you essentially only hear what you are playing.

In all honestly, the sound quality on these are amazing. The sound is very clear on them and I did not experience any connectivity issues. While using the earbuds for calls, the noise cancelling feature was great, however, if there were too much noise in the background, it would also interfere with my voice. I did however, tested the noise canceling feature in an extreme scenario. Henceforth, I would not normally be in a situation with such ruckus, therefore, these Monster earbuds pass all of the tests!

Monster clarity 102 plus airlinks earbuds in wireless charging case

Are the Monster Clarity 102 Plus Airlinks earbuds worth it?

The Monster earbuds lives up to their claims. Overall, the earbuds looks great, has great sound quality for everyday use, holds charge for a long time, are waterproof, is comfortable to wear for prolong hours and are easily/rapidly connected to many devices. You can buy these on Amazon Canada and I found a newer model on Amazon US. Additionally, if you’re not interested in the black color, they have an attractive white version of these Monster earbuds.

Since these earbuds have all the features needed for everyday use, I would highly recommend these earbuds. For almost the identical sound quality, and similar features and functions, they cost a fraction of the leading competitor’s cost.

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