Transformer Table 3.0 Review

Furniture plays an important role in creating the aesthetic, ambiance and functionality of our living spaces. Our dining rooms are meant to bring people together and have conversations over delicious foods.Checking off many of the boxes for someone like me, Transformer Table offers a modern, solid wood and retractable table that should stand the test of time.

The Transformer Table is marketed as a solid wood, sturdy piece that seamlessly transforms from a small console to a 12-seater dining table. It is designed to be multifunctional, user-friendly, and visually appealing. The table comes in multiple colors, all with matching bench, coffee table and chairs.

We purchased the Transformer Table 3.0 set and tested it out. Find out if it was worth it, and if you should get one too!

What is the Transformer Table?

According to their site, minus all of the marketing and wow factor, it is simply an extendable table.

The table can collapse into a 1-2 person table or hall console, and you can extend it with 1-5 panels to accommodate up to 12 people. They take pride in the table’s sturdiness, crafted from responsibly sourced solid wood, along with its versatile design, global shipping, and effective marketing.

Here are some key points of the table:

  • Extended Table Length: 299.72 cm (118 in.)
  • Extendable Seating Capacity: 1-12 Person
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Table Base Material: Wood
  • Table Dimensions: W x L x H: 96.52 cm x 45.72 cm x 76.2 cm (38 in. x 18 in. x 30 in.)
  • Table Height: Standard Height
  • Table Overall Weight: 82.1 kg (181 lb)
  • Table Top Material: Wood
  • Supports up to 750 lbs
  • Console without panels weight: 50 kg (110.23 lbs)
  • 5 panels weight: 25 kg (55.12 lbs)
  • Table comes in 6 different colors: American Walnut, Smoked Hickory, Brazilian Sequoia, Canadian Oak, Scandinavian Oak and Aged Elm

What does the Transformer Table come with?

Unlike IKEA furniture, this Transformer Table comes in 2 boxes, [1] the console (ends of the table) and [2] the panels in another box. The console comes preassembled, and both the console and panels come with all the necessary hardware. All you have to do is open the box and put in as many or little panels. The packaging is robust, and it’s worth noting that it’s solid wood, making it quite heavy!

I took these screenshots of their table packaging from their site. You can just see how compact everything is packaged and how easy it is to have a table to sit and eat at.

Lastly, a nice addition to the easy packaging, it comes with touch up paint! This is definitely a win. Although I haven’t used it yet, I don’t know how good the color matching is, I like the thought of including the paint.

Is the Transformer Table durable?

I purchased the Transformer Table in mahogany, although it’s worth noting that the color is now discontinued with the release of the 4.0 version. When I bought the table, they informed me that the wood is sourced and crafted in Vietnam. Additionally, they mentioned that the type of wood used for that color is acacia wood.

Wood type durability

Here are some quick notes on acacia wood for furniture:

  • Sustainable wood – fast growth, easy harvest, easy replacement
  • Stronger than hickory and oak
  • Many species and many tones
  • Trees are adaptable in many different types of climates
  • Growing the trees sometimes do not need fertilizer
  • Easy to maintain and does not lose its color over time easily

They say it is solid wood, which it technically is, but when I think of solid wood, I think of solid pieces of wood per surface (if that makes sense). While this Transformer Table is a solid wood table, it more like solid wood panels glued together to make one solid table. Furniture made like this may render it less durable over time.

Furthermore, the type of wood used is pretty durable and hard, the table should be durable right? Wrong. The Transformer Table’s top coat lacks durability, and it easily acquires micro-scratches. You’ll get a lot of little imperfections on the table top within a week of having it. I can easily make a dent in the wood with my nail!

Hardware and mechanism

When fully expanded, the Transformer Table relies heavily on the middle support legs. As a result, for adequate support, the support bar should be in the middle. The movement of the support bar is super easy, I had no problems with that.

Not surprisingly, the hardware to expand the table is very smooth and easy to use. While it is easy to move and use, it looks a very basic. Owing to the design of the mechanism, it feels very generic, no magnetic mechanisms or soft closing anything – purely mechanical.

Lastly, the locking clip is very strong and easy to flip. I love how heavy and sturdy it feels; it has a nice snapping sound when you put it together.

Maximum weight

My husband is whopping 250 lbs, together, we’re about 400 lbs. Together, when we lay on completely extended table, it feels very sturdy. I highly doubt anyone will be putting 400 lbs of food on the table, but we tried and tested it! All in all, it can withstand up to 750 lbs and we’ve tested it for 400 lbs with no problems.


In terms of cleaning the Transformer Table, it is very easy, I just use a bit of soapy water or a damp cloth to wipe it down.

Because of the design, be careful for crumbs living between the cracks of the panel. Remember to remove the panels from time to time to clean between the cracks.

Food stuck in joining panels

Is it easy to use the Transformer Table?

The main function of the Transformer Table is to extend and collapse the table to the size you want. Their website does a very good job in showing the mechanism and how it works.

The table is two tracks that extends or compresses depending on how you want that table. I found that it moved very easily and smoothly. Importantly, I was able to extend the table by myself without any help. You can then add a panel by lining up the little notches into the holes and lightly pushing it in. From there, there are fasteners/clips that locks the panels together. Once you lock the panels, they remain secure, eliminating any concerns about it coming apart while you’re eating.

In other words, I have no problems with the mechanism and it is super easy to do. Importantly, I believe there is a lifetime warranty on the all steel mechanism and hardware.

Despite its weight, the table can be easily pushed around. The Transformer Table comes with little plastic floor protectors, but I removed them and added felt protectors to really protect my floors. Sliding the table around is easy peasy.

Where do you store the extra panels?

This a massive issue for this product. You store the extra panels either somewhere in your house, all 50 lbs of 5 panels, or, buy a Transformer coffee table to store them. In fact, not everyone wants the coffee table (not the most attractive thing).

Good luck finding a place for all of the panels if you bought the table for space-saving benefits!

Pros and Cons of the Transformer Table

SustainabilityNot confirmed, but from a blog post, for every table they make, they plant 10 trees. I’m sure these trees will be used for more furniture in the future, but for now, its a good effort. (I’m not sure how many trees it take to make one table).On sustainability: I found a blog post indicating that that are FSC certified, but when I checked the FSC search tool, I could not find them. I also tried searching for them in the PEFC database and could not find them.
DurabilityMechanisms are solid, sturdy and easy moving.Wood finish chips easily and the wood is easily dented.
AppearanceBeautiful color and finish.Wood gain is not continuous from from top to side. Solid pieces of wood were glued together.
CostAffordable for solid wood and functionality.In general, it is costly for a dinning room table let alone a working desk.
FunctionalityGreat for large gatherings and is converted to a hall console. Table is easily moved from one room to another with no issues (add felt pads).Extra panels are stored someplace else in your house or in the Transformer Table Coffee Table for neater storage. The panels are not stored with the rest of the table.
MaintenanceEasy to clean the surface with a wet cloth or slightly soapy water.Due to the connecting panels, panels must be removed for cleaning between the joining pieces.
Customer serviceQuick response and easy to get a hold of.Found some reviews on poor customer service related to late shipment and delivery for countries other than Canada.

What are other customer reviews and ratings?

Despite their extensive sales and global shipping, there is a limited number of external reviews (away from their site).

Prior to purchasing the Transformer Table, I searched for a long time for some reliable reviews. Unfortunately, for a long time, all I saw was reviews on their site. Finally, trying a little harder and with the help of Reddit, things were looking good.

Overall, many complained about shipping from outside of Canada, it took them months to receive the product. In Canada however, it takes about a week from ordering to delivery. In my case, I simply picked it up from the warehouse with no problems (also saved on shipping fees).

Coming back to the reviews, many agree with me and the limited durability of the finishing (clear coat/stain) and how easy it is to dent the product. While there are many negative reviews on customer service, shipping time and lack-of durability, there are many positive reviews on space saving and look of the table.

Are there any other tables like Transformer Table on the market?

While there are a plethora of expandable tables out there, not many have the same mechanisms and expandability as the Transformer Table brand.

Currently, I was only able to find one other company with similar mechanism and could fit 12 people, Expand Furniture. I would love to do a comparison between both but I only have the Transformer Table!

How much does the Transformer Table cost?

We purchased the complete set which included a “coffee table”, table, bench and 4 chairs. This came up to about $4000 with taxes included. They have some “sales” here and there where they throw in a “free” bench or coffee table, but generally, the price is about $3500-$4000. For the table alone, it looks like it goes for $2300 without taxes and sometimes it can go on sale for $2000 and sometimes even cheaper when you check Costco.

We had the opportunity to actually go to the warehouse/show room in Canada and make my purchase there. You have an option to purchase returns for a cheaper price and the defects can range from a centimeter scratch on the side of the table to various paint chips and wood chips. I would say it is much more cost effective to purchase it that way. Mind you, you’ll need strong people to carry the products and a large vehicle.

Where can I buy a Transformer Table

You can directly purchase the Transformer Table from their site, however, I found them cheaper online at Costco or in their warehouse.

Final thoughts

It is ironic how the table’s marketing is heavy on expandability and compressibility to save space, however, you still need space to store a giant coffee table to house the extra panels. It kind of defeats the purpose of their space saving point and limits the buyer to get a coffee table that they might not like or want.

For the price, you would expect nicer hardware and more durable finishing. However, its attractiveness makes it suitable for use as a desk or dining room table.

In conclusion, I would only get the Transformer Table if it were on sale, if I had space for a matching coffee table and if I needed something with the versatility of it.

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