Logically, Skin – Multi-lifting cream

Logically, Skin - Multi-lifting cream

Interested in Korean skincare? New to Korean skincare products? Have no fear I’m here to give you an overview and review of products I’ve tried and tested. Lets go on this Logically, Skin – Multi-lifting cream (50mL) journey together!


I received this for free from Stylevana in exchange for my honest product review. Therefore, all words are mine and they are my complete honest opinions. There are affiliate links throughout this post.

About the Brand

Logically, Skin is a skincare brand that focuses on scientific evidence of key ingredients and their functions. Using specific ingredients to target specific skin concerns, Logically, Skin delivers highly functional products.

First impression of the Multi-lifting cream

Product description of Multi-lifting cream

Taken from Logically, Skin – Multi-lifting cream product details on Coréelle (official distributor)

A multipurpose moisturizer that is formulated with Liftderm, a patented compound containing Hexapeptide-2 and Vitamin B7 that promotes collagen production, which penetrates every skin layer to solve the causes of wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types.

Key Ingredients

All ingredients are found on their packaging and sites. Here is their main key ingredient:

LiftDerm 2000 (5%)

  • Patented ingredient in Korea, USA, Japan and Europe
  • Forming and lifting ingredient
  • Increases collagen synthesis
  • Enhances Dermal-Epidermal Junction
  • Increases Adipogenesis
  • Enhances cell growth
  • Controls hormone secretion


The design and label of the packaging is unique and simple. However, the actual packaging of the cream feels a bit like cheap/light plastic. Furthermore, the pump feels cheap and the spring sounds and feels like it needs a greasing. Although it does not feel expensive, the pump is a nice hygienic feature.


The cream was surprisingly light, non-greasy and my skin absorbed it very well. Effectively, the cream spread very well. It was not a thick opaque cream, rather it was more on the water-based side.


The Multi-lifting cream had a light fragrance. Not only was there a light fragrance, but it smelt cheap and chemically. Consequently, it was somewhat basic and off-putting.

Product experience review

With that being said, on to the good stuff!  I used it day and night for about 2 weeks and felt my skin smoothing out and looking a little more plump. I used this in combination with a few other serums underneath and it layered really well on top of my serums. Throughout the day, I did not experience oiling up or any irritation; this cream works well with combination skin.

Although it did feel and smell cheap, the results spoke for itself!

Pros and Cons

  • ✅Rapid absorption
  • ✅Good on sensitive skin
  • ✅Non-sticky and light
  • ✅Moderate to high hydration/plumping effect
  • ✅Non-oiling
  • ❌Cheap packaging
  • ❌Basic light fragrance

Final rating

📝Rating (based on 5 stars)📝
Overall, moderate hydration for everyday use but I did not like the packaging materials or fragrance of the product.

Where to buy Logically, Skin – Multi-lifting cream

  • Directly from Logically, Skin’s site
  • Bought on Coréelle’s site
  • Found on Amazon US and Amazon CA but not through an official Brand store
  • Alternatively, you can use my discount code INF10LEESA during checkout at Stylevana to receive 10-15% off your order. The discount code excludes instant deals and weekend deals and will expire by the end of February 2022 (I get a small commission if you use my discount code!)

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