House of Dohwa – Rice Wash Off Facial Mask

House of Dohwa's Rice Wash Off Facial Mask


I received this product (House of Dohwa rice wash off facial mask (100mL)) for free from Picky and House of Dohwa in exchange for my honest product review. All words are mine and they are my complete honest opinions. There are affiliate links throughout this post.

About the Brand House of Dohwa

Rinsing hair with rice water has been a “beauty secret” for many centuries leaving hair stronger, shinier and promotes hair growth. Given the benefits of rice by products (still lack of scientific evidence), House of Dohwa has included it into their products. House of Dohwa is a new brand that focuses on using domestically (from Korea) harvested rice bran extract that have been preserved for hundreds of years. As such, they focus on clean beauty which means that is it vegan (all-natural).

First impression of the rice wash off facial mask

House of Dohwa's Rice Wash Off Facial Mask

Product description of Rice Wash Off Facial Mask

Taken from Coréelle’s House of Dohwa Rice Wash Off Facial Mask product details:

A treatment mask infused with rice bran to hydrate, soften, brighten and nourish the skin, leaving a supple, glowing complexion.


Taken from the Coréelle’s site (official and only distributor of the brand):

9 kinds of native rice bran extract

  • Katuri Chalk
  • Gwolnado
  • Silk Chalk
  • Nami
  • Danduna
  • Korean Don Glutinous Rice
  • Red Tea Narak
  • Sukna
  • Heukgang

Harvested without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and vinyl, the extracts of 9 kinds of domestically produced rice bran provide white and soft moisturizing feeling to the skin. Rice bran extract contains high-quality protein, dietary fiber and nutrients that provide rich moisturization.


The packaging is really inline with House of Dohwa’s brand. The packaging is really simple (reduced materials compared to other brands) 100 mL pouch. I especially like the opening where the product comes out, its is easy to use.


The House of Dohwa’s rice wash off facial mask texture is to die for! I LOVE THE TEXTURE. It feels like a fluffy cloud that spreads like cream on your face. It does have some bran/rice grains in it, but it was not enough to irritate my face.

House of Dohwa's Rice Wash Off Facial Mask texture


The fragrance of the mask is to die for!!! It smells like light sweet smelling whipped cream and rice being cooked. The rice wash off facial mask fragrance was very nostalgic (growing up with fresh rice being cooked everyday and whipped cream was me a treat!) that I absolutely adore it.

Product experience review

I was using this mask 3 times a week for 2 weeks and I can’t express how much I love this wash off mask. I love the smell, I love the texture, I love the simple packaging, I absolutely love the ingredients and I love, LOVE, the results. The rice wash off facial mask was easy to apply and wash off with a damp cloth. With the pieces of bran, I was able to lightly exfoliate my skin without any irritation. This mask left my face illuminated, soft and extremely calm.

Pros and Cons

  • Delicious light fragrant
  • Fluffy cloud texture
  • Brightening effect
  • Leaves skin feeling hydrated and calm
  • Light exfoliation but none irritating

NO CONS for this product, I can only list the pros, however, some people might think the fragrance is too strong.

Final rating

📝Rating (based on 5 stars)📝
Smells delicious, feels rich, and leaves your face bright, smooth and calm

Where to buy House of Dohwa rice wash off facial mask

  • Coréelle’s site is currently the only official distributor of the product and at the current time, it is priced at 14 USD (on sale from 20 USD)!
  • House of Dohwa also have a store on Amazon US and at the moment, the rice wash off face mask if out of stock (its so popular!)

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