BEAUTY OF JOSEON – Bubble Toner: Green Plum + AHA

BEAUTY OF JOSEON Bubble Toner: Green Plum AHA

Interested in Korean skincare? New to Korean skincare products? Have no fear I’m here to give you an overview of products I’ve tried and tested. Lets go on this BEAUTY OF JOSEON – Bubble Toner: Green Plum + AHA (150mL) journey together!


I received this product for free from Stylevana in exchange for my honest product review. All words are mine and they are my complete honest opinions. There are affiliate links throughout this post.

About the Brand BEAUTY OF JOSEON

BEAUTY OF JOSEON is a company that was inspired by the last standing dynasty in Korea that lasted over  centuries. The time of the Joseon Dynasty, many used traditional Korean herbal/holistic medicines (also known as hanbang) to treat many illnesses. BEAUTY OF JOSEON products contains natural ingredients such as ginseng, green plum and rice to develop healthy skin promoting skincare products.

They currently have an Amazon store with many products that I would love to try out.

First impression of the Bubble Toner: Green Plum + AHA

Product description of Bubble Toner: Green Plum + AHA

Taken from BEAUTY OF JOSEON Sun Project Shimmer Sun Essence product details

A fresh, hydrating exfoliating toner enriched with Hanbang (traditional Korean herbal medicine) ingredients for brighter skin


Naturally-derived AHA* (from Green plum water and Sugarcane extract), Portulaca oleracea extract, Honey extract, Rice bran water, Honey extract, Panax ginseng root extract.

*Freshly-picked Green plum water 25% + Glycolic Acid (AHA) 3%


The bubble toner packaging is absolutely beautiful and looks great on my vanity. The bottle is nice and heavy, made of some sort of thick hard plastic that does not feel cheap. The cap is a basic plastic cap as well as the plastic of the pump. The design of the bottle in general is very simple and I love how visually aesthetically pleasing it is.


As the name “Bubble Toner: Green Plum + AHA” suggests, it is bubbly. This toner is a liquid that is pumped out to become a foam (check out my post on instagram to get a better look at the texture). The foam is not thick, its similar to dish soap loose bubbles. The bubbles do not last long, they flatten out very quickly.

I personally like this texture, it allows you to remove the need of using cotton pads – just use your hands! This makes it more eco-friendly and reduces product waste.


It smelt kind of like a sour grape? I’m guessing this is the scent of the green plum water. It is a really light scent but it was definitely on the sour/acidity side. The fragrance of the bubble toner on a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is heavily fragranced, is a 4. The intensity of the scent is good enough to overlook the acidic notes and did not bother me.

Take a look at the bubble toner texture and pump on my instagram reel



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Product experience review

This is my first time using an acid exfoliator and I must say, I’m digging it!! I’ve read a few reviews saying this product was hard to use because it is a foam, but I personally really like this texture for a toner.

I use this product 2-3 times a week without a cotton pad. I pump the bubble toner into my hand and sort of just pat it all over my face and rub it in. At first it was tingly, but it was nothing major that would make me avoid completely using this product.

After a week, I noticed my pores were “clearing” and smoothing out. I REALLY like the effects it had on my skin and I’m still using it today.

Considering this is my first time using this type of product, I’m not sure if it is a holy grail for me (yet?), but I would say this is a perfect entry point.

Usage tips for using Bubble Toner: Green Plum + AHA

  • I personally like to pump the toner onto my hands (the foam texture helps), but if you prefer using cotton pads, I would highly recommend trying some eco-friendly pads!

Pros and Cons

  • ✅Fun!
  • ✅Improves skin texture
  • ✅Softens the appearance of pores
  • ✅Brightens skin
  • ✅Light fragrance
  • ✅Reduces the need for cotton pads ♻️
  • ❌Tingly sensation (may not be suitable for sensitive or dry skin)

Final rating

📝Rating (based on 5 stars)📝
Overall, this was a perfect product for me (combo-oily skin), I got the desired effects and it is fun to use

Where to buy BEAUTY OF JOSEON – Bubble Toner: Green Plum + AHA

  • Directly from BEAUTY OF JOSEON’s site
  • Through BEAUTY OF JOSEON’s Amazon store
  • Alternatively, you can use my discount code INF10LEESA during checkout at Stylevana to receive 10-15% off your order. The discount code excludes instant deals and weekend deals and will expire by the end of February 2022 (I get a small commission if you use my discount code!)

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